Badminton Leagues

Ready to try the world’s second biggest sport? Want to make a bird fly - be BAD and play fast and furious?

This world wide sport is fun for anyone at any age. This sport attracts players from around the world and lets you explore a game of quick reflex and even quicker wit!

Come out and try a sport you will fall in love with and just gets better as you get better.

We play at the Armory, next to the “L”, parking galore and restaurants and bars nearby ready for to hang after you demonstrate your power, jump and smash, and teamwork!

Come and try it out at an open gym, and then you'll make up your mind to join…this won’t be like backyard badminton this will be more like tennis meets chess meets swoosh - who’s BAD?!

CMSA BADminton: Making Mondays the best day!

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Badminton Seasons

LeagueSeason NameRegistration PeriodLeague Dates
OpenSummerMay - JuneMay - Early August
OpenWinterDecemberDecember - Early April

Registration Coming Soon

All games are played 2 v 2 (doubles).


Advanced level is geared towards players who have excellent technique and ability to execute all types of shots and grips and has good and fast footwork pattern,  consistently excellent form, and knows how to think ahead and execute shots at a high level but not perfectly.  This level is very competitive.

Competitive level plays with advanced level players.  This player has a good conceptual understanding of the different types of badminton shots as well as court position and is working to consistently execute the techniques and move towards Advanced level.  This level is also competitive.

Intermediate players have learned in a general way the types of shots and badminton techniques.  There is a broad range of skills in this level that one could think of as Intermediate low to Intermediate high range.  This is a great level to play in for Recreational players who want to improve and enjoy moderate competition within an environment geared toward trying out more advanced techniques.  Competition is friendly as with the other levels and there is a desire to place in the play-offs.

Recreational level is geared toward participants who want to give badminton a try or have maybe played backyard badminton or played during school years, or maybe for the returning player who wants to get back into the sport.  This level is great for beginners and is enjoyable with or without a competitive drive. Other players are always on hand to help with basic techniques and rules of the game. 

Captains/Full Teams:
Team captains can register and create a team and pay the team fee and be reimbursed by team members separately, or can choose to have each player pay their portion of the team fee.

Free Agents:
Players may register as a free agent and will be assigned to a team prior to the league start date.

Regular Season:
Summer - 2 matches per week (5 games to 21 per match)
Winter - 1-2 matches per week (5 games to 15 per match)

All teams qualify for playoffs. Playoffs are double elimination and are seeded based on league standings.

Teams must have between 2-5 players.

Rackets and shuttlecocks are provided. Badminton is self-refereed.

We do recommend having soft-soled gym shoes. Some more experienced players bring their own rackets.

To come.

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