Softball Leagues

The original "CMSA" sport, CMSA Softball is offered in Open and Women's formats during every summer, and "Fall Ball", a second open league, is being offered this year. As one of the largest CMSA sports, softball offers fun competition and a place to make new friends and connect with old friends, all while playing a version of "America's Pastime." With so many players, we are able to offer a variety of leagues to ensure the competition is perfect for what you're looking for.

If you have any questions about any of the CMSA Softball leagues please don’t hesitate to reach out at:

Open Softball:

Women's Softball:

Softball Seasons

LeagueSeason NameDay of WeekRegistration PeriodLeague Dates
Open SoftballSummerSundayMar May - Aug
Women's SoftballSummerSundayAprMay - Aug
Open Fall Softball SoftballFallSundaySeptSept - Nov
Women's Fall SoftballFallSaturdaySeptSept - Oct

Open Softball
10 v. 10 in the field, teams may bat up to 12. Teams may have a maximum of 20 players.

B Level - Players have usually played competitive softball in the past and still play to that level. Players rated 16 in NAGAAA or higher would play B.

C Level - Players have usually played recreational softball with possibly a limited competitive level of play. They would carry a NAGAAA rating of 12-15.

D Level - Players are players who either have not played softball in the past or have a limited/beginner skill level. They would carry a NAGAAA rating of 4-11

Teams are split into "subdivisions" (i.e. C-1, C-2, D-1, D-2) depending on how many teams are registered.

Women's Softball
10 v. 10 in the field; teams may bat up to 12. Levels include recreational and intermediate for summer. Fall Ball is played with one level.

Open/Women's Softball

Captains/Full Teams:
Team captains can register and create a team. Individuals can then register on their own and select their preferred team.

Free Agents:
Players may register as a free agent and will be assigned to a team prior to the league start date.

Team Fees:

Each team must play a "team fee" in addition to player fees. Team fees are typically covered by a team's sponsor (which must be provided by the team).

Open Softball
Regular Season:
2 games per week; typically about 10 weeks. Games are played Sunday morning/afternoons.

Double elimination playoffs, seeded based on regular season finish.

Women's Softball

Regular Season:
2 games per week; typically about 8 weeks. Games are played Sunday morning/afternoons in the summer, and Saturdays in the fall.

Double elimination playoffs in the summer, seeded based on regular season finish, and adjusted for competition. In the fall, playoffs are single elimination.

Balls and bases are provided by the league, as well as basic bats if desired. Games are umpired by paid officials.

Teams must provide their own jerseys. Players must bring their own gloves (all leagues use a standard "hard" softball). Players are recommended to wear baseball pants and rubber cleats (no metal allowed). Players may supply their own bats, but they must be approved by the league.

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  • CMSA Open Softball

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