Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! CMSA was developed as a safe place for LGBTQ+ individuals to stay active and enjoy sports together, but we have participants of all sexual orientations, races, ages, genders, and status! Our league is welcoming to all, and we encourage everyone to join.

CMSA welcomes and encourages people of all genders to participate in its sports programs, and we allow people to self-identify which league they feel fits them best.  If you have questions or you would like to speak with someone regarding this policy, please contact CMSA at info@chicagomsa.org.

CMSA's full policy is as follows:

CMSA welcomes and encourages people of all genders to participate in its sports programs.  If is not a requirement for any person to undergo hormone therapy, surgery, or other treatment in order to play in their chosen league.  Cisgender athletes may play in any open league and in leagues that correspond with their gender identity.  Transgender or gender non-conforming athletes may play in any league of their choice and are not required to explain, justify, or provide documentation supporting this choice.

If issues arise regarding an athlete's gender identity or expression, the league commissioner will be available to mediate, answer questions, and provide resources.  To ensure competitive balance and for the safety of all CMSA members, all athletes, regardless of gender identity, will be subject to movement to a higher or lower division or a different league based on skill level of play.  All athletes must also play under the existing rules of the league they have chosen.

Yes. You must create an account in LeagueApps in order to register and become a CMSA annual member in order to play a CMSA sport. See the CMSA Membership tab for additional information on becoming a member.

We use LeagueApps to process all CMSA sports, tournaments, and events registrations. Online registration saves Commissioners time and insures accurate league and payment records.

As an organization and League, we are better able to track member payments and provide you with regular reports, standings, rosters, etc.

Click "Register" on any of our sports pages to register for an active sport, and go through the instructions on the applicable LeagueApps page to register.

Please note that LeagueApps may charge a small processing fee for registration by credit card. LeagueApps accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and debit cards.

No, each person must have their own account with their own email address. You may create an account for other players, but they must sign the electronic waiver form.

Changes are easy! Log into LeagueApps with your prior e-mail address and password and visit your "Dashboard."

From there, you can update various settings and your profile, including your e-mail address and password.

If you would like to update your gender identity or

CMSA is an all-volunteer organization. We do not have an office location or office phone. The organization is run by the CMSA Board of Directors and commissioners who are responsible for each sport. If you have questions about CMSA in general, including joining our leadership team, please contact us at info@chicagomsa.org.

Below is the current process for Captains, Commissioners, and Players regarding REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR ALL CMSA SPORTS

Registration is typically a TWO step process. You must register as a player then add your teammates. With Open and Women's Softball and Volleyball, Captains will have to complete INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM FEE information.

STEP 1 - First you need to register your team by paying your INDIVIDUAL player fee by following the process below:

* Go to https://chicagomsa.org/sports/ and select the Sport
(Note: If you have not already done so, you need to set up a LeagueApps profile)
Select the Registration Link
* Click the Live Registration Link for your Sport
* Complete Individual Registration (Note: Captains you must complete the Individual Registration FIRST before you can add/invite players to your team; Commissioners please ensure that in the Player Registration options for LeagueApps that in the 
* Under 'Registration Options > Who is responsible for making team payments?' - there is a box labeled 'allow team players to share team fee' you want to leave this checked, otherwise the Captain is agreeing to pay the entire team player fees.
* Enter your team players' names and email addresses

STEP 2 - Pay your team fee (or have your sponsor pay it) under the team fee tab.  If you invite your players to register under the team fee section and not the player fee section in step 1, they will NOT be able to register.

* When Captains add you to their team, you will be sent an email invitation to join that team. (Note: You may also go to the main CMSA website or LeagueApps and click 'Register' and in the pop-up select 'Team Player' then 'Select your Team'. IF your team is not listed there, you should encourage your Captain to complete the section above)
* Follow the link to log into LeagueApps and complete your registration

If you do not have a team, go to https://www.chicagomsa.org/sports to register as a Free Agent, and the league will follow up with you directly to help you find a team. 

Email us at info@chicagomsa.org

The application can be found here. This goes directly to CMSA Treasurer who works directly with you on this process.