Volleyball Leagues

2023 Fall Open Indoor updates:

We offer six levels of play, from recreational to advanced.  Captains can start registering teams, and inviting players to join teams, on September 1.  Free agents are welcome and can also register starting September 1.  

All teams will need eight registered players before they will be placed on the schedule.  We can help teams find players.

Because the Armory will not be available to us this season, we will play most games at the Center on Halsted.  For more information on how we will adapt to the loss of the Armory, or for information generally, please email openvb@chicagomsa.org.


"Bump", "Spike" and "Set" yourself up for some fun year-round with CMSA's largest sport: volleyball! CMSA offers fall/winter indoor volleyball in Women's+ and Open formats and open summer beach volleyball, each with varying levels from recreational to competitive, so no matter your skill level you are sure to have a great time. Create a team with your friends or join as a free agent and make new ones! Either way get involved and come out and play!

For questions on CMSA Volleyball, please reach out to the following:

Open Indoor - openvb@chicagomsa.org

Women's+ Indoor - womensvolleyball@chicagomsa.org

Beach Volleyball - beachvb@chicagomsa.org

Volleyball Seasons

LeagueSeason NameDay of WeekRegistration PeriodLeague Dates
Open Beach (Summer)FridayAprMay - Aug
Open Indoor (Fall/Winter)SundaySeptNov - Mar
Women's Indoor (Fall/Winter)SundayDecJan - Mar

Open Indoor Volleyball - 6 v. 6

Levels include:

A - Advanced Competitive
BB - Competitive
BU - Advanced Intermediate
BL - Intermediate
CC - Advanced Recreational
C - Recreational

Women's+ Indoor Volleyball - 6 v. 6

Levels include:

Competitive (A) - Many players have played in high school or college.
Intermediate (B) - A mix of ages and skill level. Most players have played before, either in league play or high school.
Recreational (C) - Perfect for new players to learn basic skills, or for those looking for more laid-back play.

Beach Volleyball - 4 v. 4;

Levels Include:

Advanced (A) and Competitive (BB) - Many of these players have played college/club volleyball previously and regularly participate in competitive NAGVA tournaments.
Intermediate (B) - This division is for players who have a lot of experience playing organized volleyball. Teams usually three-hit the ball, play positions, and enforce all rules.
Experienced (CC) - This division is for players who have some experience playing organized volleyball and know all the basic rules. More competitive than Recreational (C) but more nuanced rules like side sets and tipping are not often enforced.
Recreational (C) - This division is mainly for players who little experience playing volleyball and looking to have fun. Rules like lifts and carries are not often enforced.

Women's+ Competitive (WC) - Comparable to players in the A, BB, or B divisions.
Women's+ Recreational (WR) - Comparable to the C and CC divisions.

Full Teams: Captains must create a team and can then invite their team players via LeagueApps, or register and have the players select the correct team during registration. Note, teams must pay TWO fees - a small individual fee for each player, and a one-time team fee that must be paid by the captain. Teams may decide to split this between the players or find a sponsor to cover it, if desired.

Free Agents: If you do not have a team, register as a free agent. The league will follow up with you directly to help you find a team.

Open Indoor Volleyball

Regular Season: 2 matches per week, and one match to referee per week. Matches are played Sunday morning/afternoons. Matches consist of 2 games each.

Playoffs: All teams qualify for the playoffs, which take place in a double-elimination format on a single Sunday.

Women's+ Indoor Volleyball

Regular Season: 3 matches per week.

Playoffs: All teams qualify for the playoffs, which take place in a double-elimination format.

Beach Volleyball 

Regular Season: 2 matches per week, and one match to referee per week. Matches are played Friday evenings. Matches consist of 2 games each. Teams typically have 6-8 weeks of regular season play based on beach availability.

Playoffs: All teams qualify for the playoffs, which take place on a Saturday morning/afternoon in a double-elimination format.

All equipment is provided at the indoor facility or on the beach, including nets, lines, scoreboards, and referee equipment. Teams self-referee in between their matches.

Many teams choose to create jerseys at their own expense, but it is not required.

  • CMSA Beach Volleyball

  • CMSA Beach Volleyball

  • CMSA Open Indoor Volleyball

Open Indoor Volleyball Location One

Open Indoor Volleyball Location Two

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Beach Volleyball Location One

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