eSports Leagues

A new sport within the CMSA organization, eSports strives to provide online and in-person gaming opportunities for gamers who play serious or 'just for fun'.


Interested in gaming, learning about game styles, and socializing with other gamers in the CMSA eSports community?
Socialize with other gamers and please click here join our Discord community! Everyone is welcome!
Types of Gameplay: 

1) League Play -- Weekly league play with individuals or teams facing off
2) Tournament Play -- Paid registration to join a tournament; prizes typically included!
3) Freestyle Play -- Coming soon!

The leagues are each facilitated by their own League Managers who are the point person for you in your experience.

How do we play? 
eSports holds play sessions remotely
Depending on the game, we strive to have players able to play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, where possible.


When do we play? 
League managers will determine when the league play will be scheduled for each season. It can change with each season.


We value your safety.
The comfort, safety, concern, and well-being of all of our eSporters is our utmost importance -- the eSport league, Discord server, and related events all fall within the CMSA Code of Conduct.

Harassment, intimidation, stalking, humiliation, or discrimination against participants, league and game officials, or spectators will NOT be tolerated through words OR action. Participants shall not act in a way that creates an unsafe environment for themselves or others during league play or events this includes exhibition/pick-up matches, CMSA Discord server, social platforms, and meet-ups as they all relate and are facilitated by CMSA eSports.

Any questions or suggestions about the league, concerns, or creating your own league should be e-mailed to:


Register to play now!

LeagueDate of PlayRegistration PeriodLeague Dates
Apex Legends FridayDec 12 - Jan 12Jan 14 - Feb 18
Dead By DeadlightTBDDec 12 - Jan 18Jan 20 - Feb 24
HearthstoneWednesdayDec 12 - Jan 10Jan 12 - Mar 2
League of LegendsTuesdayDec 12 - Jan 9Jan 11 - Mar 8
OverwatchWednesdayDec 12 - Jan 17Jan 19 - Mar 16
SmiteWednesdayDec 12 - Jan 10Jan 12 - Mar 30
Teamfight TacticsMondayDec 12 - Jan 8Jan 10 - Feb 28

Our eSports leagues and events will take place in free-play, tournament, and league formats throughout the year.

Check out our discord for the latest up-to-date upcoming play opportunities!

CMSA members can register individually for each eSports tournament or league by joining our Discord.

Depending on the tournament or league, individuals will be paired into teams or will play alone.

Most freeplay events do not require registration - simply come join the fun!

Games: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone, Smite, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight

Seasons:  Winter. Spring. Summer, Fall

Tournaments:  TBD

All League Play and Tournaments are played online. 

Each game requires each player to have the game and/or console installed and internet access.

Review the individual league requirements or reach out to the designated league manager for more information

Smite (Rules and League Play)

Dead by Daylight (Rules and League Play)

Among Us (Rules and League Play)

Overwatch (Rules and League Play - Coming soon! Currently, Overwatch is not Cross Play enabled, but players are still welcome to sign up regardless of their platform of choice. Currently PS4 & PC are the two most common platforms seeing sign-ups, but don’t let that discourage you from signing up if you’re on Xbox or Switch. There’s always someone to play with! If you have any questions, please reach out to Fernando and Chris directly.)

Apex Legends (Rules and League Play - Coming soon!)

Fortnite (Rules and League Play - Coming soon!)

League of Legends (Rules and League Play - Coming soon!)

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